• Service Warranty

    Blackbezt Lighting Technology Co., Ltd warrants the original consumer purchase from defects in material and wrokmanship for a period of one(1year after the date of purchase. For more details of warranty , please visit

    Keep your original sales receipt. Be sure the dealer has written on it thedate, serial No. of the product. This information is required for warranty service.

    This warranty does not cover:
    1、Damage that is the result of misuse, abuse, accident (including but not limited to damage by water), faulty connection, defectiveor maladjusted associated equipment, or the use of the product with equipment for which it was not intended.
    2、Cosmetic defects and cosmetic damage caused by improper handling is excluded. Damage that occurs while the product is being shipped to whoeverwill service it.

    This warranty is void if:
    1、The product identification of serial NO. label is removed of defaced in any way.
    2、The product is serviced of repaired by any one other than Blackbezt or an authorized Backbezt dealer of sevice agency.

    The final interpretation is owned by Blackbezt Lighting Technology CO.,Ltd